Daytime Groups

These sessions provide dancers with the opportunity for dancing in the afternoon with people from other clubs as well as their own.

At St Johns Anglican Church, 18 Basset Road, Johnsonville
Bring $5 per session and your own water bottle or mug.

St Johns is on the hill six minutes’ walk from the Johnsonville train station and bus hub.

For more information contact Gaylia Powell by email or phone 479 4212; or Catherine McCutcheon by email or phone 021 211 5279. Otherwise, just come!

Advanced Sessions

When: Twice a month, second and fourth Tuesday afternoons, 12:45 until 2:45pm
Tutor: Various

These sessions provide independent dancers with the opportunity to learn new dances and harder formations that they may not encounter at club. Dances are walked if required. Catherine McCutcheon will lead the sessions until the end of April 2019, after which Maureen Robson will take a turn.

General Sessions

When: Once a month, third Tuesday afternoons, 12:45 until 2:45pm
Tutor for 2019: Catherine McCutcheon

The focus is on popular dances, including some from upcoming dance programmes. Although the dances are walked and taught, they best suit those of intermediate level and above who know the common formations, including reels of three, reels of four, Allemande, double triangles, reel/jig poussette, grand chain, figure of 8 across and on sides, and ladies’ chain, and can instantly identify corner positions. When there is a fifth Tuesday in a month, there will be an extra session on the 5th Tuesday.